We buy profitable businesses with

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$1M - $3M

in net-profit

We partner with retiring owners and give them quick, straightforward exits that protect their team, culture, and businesses for the long term.

Selling your company can be tough...

We're a safe pair of hands to serve your business and employees.

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Treehouse is a partner for retiring business owners in need of an exit, but want their business in trustworthy hands.

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve felt the stress and the struggles, victories, and failures that come with running a business. You’ve been in the arena fighting. Now might be the time to tap out for some well-deserved rest.

We’re not looking for the next big thing. We’re looking for backbone businesses that create great products and services for their customers and a workplace where employees can become the best version of themselves.

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Why sell to us?

You can’t build a treehouse overnight. Each nail and plank of wood is vitally important to create a final product that will withstand generations.

The name Treehouse is inspired by the treehouses I used to build in my hometown of Bettendorf, Iowa. I wanted to create a company that understood the hard work needed to build a business from scratch, valued the owner’s journey, and gave them the exit they always dreamed of.

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We like to buy businesses that have

High margins with percentage
High margins

Healthy and sustainable

Unique advantage-house image
Unique advantage

Like a brand, community or niche

business model- Puzzle icon
A simple business model

You can explain it to your parents

healthy profit - dollar sign icon
Healthy Profit

From $1M to $3M

successful operations- Mountain and flag on top icon
Successful operations

Of three years or longer

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A high-quality team

A great team with a positive culture

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A positive and ethical approach

No sketchy stuff

Let's have a

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If you’re looking to exit your company, or just wondering what options are out there, please get in touch.  We keep all conversations completely confidential.  There’s no obligation to sell.  Just a chance to see your options.

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